“It is possible to fly without motors, but not without knowledge and skill” – Wilbur Wright.

Here below my own perspective about the best skills to be successful at work.. and, why not, in life!

  • Awareness

Awareness is one of my favorite skills ever. Aware people are always a step forward: they are frequently able to keep a systemic view, to set realistic goals, to generate reliable expectations, to predict different scenarios and to be prepared about possible consequences. Being aware is the first starting point for a successful path. If you are aware, you already are in the right direction and, if you are in the right direction, you need “only” to go ahead. Step by step.

  •  Attitude to dare

Being able to take the risk is a success accelerator. The practice of pulling daisy petals and say „S/he loves me….S/he loves me not” might work, but only those who dare will know the right answer. That’s just an example, the issue is: people who dare don’t wait for lucky events, they usually create the conditions to be lucky. They are “opportunities generators” because you cannot know the epilog in advance, but if you never try, you will never know.

  • Accountability

3 simple words: locus of control. People who have control over the outcome of events are usually happy to take their own responsibilities. They generally do not seek excuses or guilty parties. They ask themselves what is under their control and what they can do. Accountable people are usually ready to focus on solutions, adapting and adjusting their behaviors accordingly. They know what are the forces beyond their locus of control and they don’t waste time to fight against them.

  • Listening

It happens that people are used to hearing, instead of listening to… or, in the worst case, they are used to speaking, sometimes too much. Listening to someone means to use our empathy and not only our ears. It means deeply understanding the message of the person in front of you and do not think about answers during the others’ telling. People who have good listening skills usually learn from the context where they are and last, but not least, they are often good leaders thanks to their capability to engage people through empathy and comprehension.

  • Self-positioning

You can be the best expert in your field, but if you are not able to simply explain who you are and what is the positive impact of your job… well, you risk to stay hidden or to be set aside. Of course, someone could notice you and offer to you the chance of your life… but would you really wait for that potential event? Let’s create the conditions to be noticed, learning how to position and self-selling yourself and your value.

  • Resilience

Aren’t things going well? Let’s work on your resilience, don’t allow bad events to negatively impact on you. People who have a high level of resilience usually find their inner resources to positively react to the situation. The more resilient they are, the quicker they rebuild themselves after a bad occurrence. Furthermore, resilient people have often a positive thinking because they know difficulties are part of the life, but they believe in this mantra: never give up!


And in your opinion, what are the best skills to be successful at work and in life? Leave your comments below to enrich the list! Someone else could benefit from it 🙂


Enza Artino,
International Service Manager c/o Wyser; Coaching Competence Center Manager c/o Gi Group