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Mission: To coordinate, supervise and oversee the daily operations of the Shopping Centre, namely the proper running of the security, cleaning, gardening and maintenance teams, setting priorities for action and ensuring the proper deployment of technical and human resources, in accordance with the general operating rules, assuring their safety and operability of all the systems, thus providing a pleasant space for visitors.

Main responsabilities

•     To prepare and submit to the Shopping Centre Manager the Technical Budget of the Shopping Centre, considering the management requirements, to determine the costs for the expenses that the shopkeepers must bear with the running of the Shopping Centre
•     To manage the technical budget of common expenses, attempting to take advantage of the existing synergies to lower the total operating costs of the Shopping Centre
•     To coordinate, supervise and oversee the daily cleaning, surveillance and maintenance works and the technical aspects of the Shopping Centre (Air Conditioning, Electricity, etc.), setting priorities and ensuring the proper deployment of technical and human resources, to assure continuous functioning under the best technical/financial, health and safety conditions
•     To coordinate and oversee the Management of stocks (fuel, maintenance and support equipment and materials), assuring their availability and supply, turnover and replacement, to avoid the depletion of minimum stocks and to reduce immobilization costs
•     To analyse and select companies providing specialty services (safety & security, cleaning, maintenance, gardening, etc.), setting action standards (contract specifications) and suggesting their engagement, to assure the best cost /quality service in the market
•     To coordinate all the collaboration contacts between the Shopping Centre and the official entities (Energy Company, Fire Brigade, Police), in to assure that all the operations are running in accordance with the established Safety & Security standards
•     To coordinate the assessment and approval of construction projects presented by new shopkeepers
•     To identify, select, propose for approval and follow up on items that compose the investment plan of the shopping centre
•     To assure that the Shopping Centre is in line with the corporate responsibility target on safety& health and environment, accordingly to the company policy and be assure the reporting of all SHE data
•     To integrate the service company reports and the Shopping Centre’s operating reports (technical maintenance, intervention in repairs, energy consumption and machine registries), to prepare event reports, to examine the business’s progress and compare it with what was planned, detecting the deviations and, consequently, taking or suggesting corrective measures
•     To ensure the reading and recording of energy and water (or any other utilities) consumption data, detecting any deviations from the normal values, to present this information to the Deputy Manager

Education / Qualifications

•     Background in Engineering Electrical, Mechanical or Civil
•     Additionally, with a management background
•     Experience in the Operations Area, in Shopping Centers (preferential)
•     English - advanced user
•     Microsoft Office - advanced user
•     Good attitude, team builder, resilience, availability
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