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Wyser România – partener al proiectului Angajez 45+

            Wyser România – partener al proiectului Angajez 45+ Proiectul „Angajez 45+” organizat de Great HRs a avut evenimentul de lansare pe data de 27 noiembrie 2019. Ce a dat naștere acestui proiect este faptul că „dezechilibrele din piața forței de muncă pot conduce la o vulnerabilizare aproape ireversibilă a […]

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THEATRE AND BUSINESS: What can business learn from the world of theatre.

Last week I went to the theatre to watch a contemporary version of the “Iliade”. This representation was supposed to be outside the norm for several reasons. First, the purpose of the director was to put into play a modern, yet experimental way to read this old classic. Secondly, I knew that it had been […]

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My dear (un)comfort zone

A couple of weeks ago I was listening to a friend who was talking about his job. Almost everything seemed wrong: the boss, the colleagues, the salary and the contents of the job itself. He was really disappointed and bothered. He felt himself like a “lion in cage”, I was so sorry for his bad […]

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